And Some Favorable Words from the Washington Examiner

DC’s doing ‘Hard Time’ – again by Examiner staff writer Scott Rosenberg.

4 Responses to “And Some Favorable Words from the Washington Examiner”

  1. gordon kent Says:

    Finally bought and read Episode 1, Series 2…

    Terrific Mary and Steve — when does episode 2 come out?

  2. Steve Gerber Says:

    January. *Hard Time* comes out monthly.

  3. Bob Kennedy Says:

    I work for the Examiner! I don’t know Scott, but I know his editor. The Examiner is the only paper in the DC area to cover comic books on a weekly basis, and the headline is NEVER “Bam! Pow! Comics aren’t Just for Kids Anymore.”

    The Examiner has only been around for about ten months (We used to be called The Northern Virginia Journal until a recent change in ownership), and I’m always surprised to see references to us outside the Washington area. Some national TV ad (for a movie everyone but us panned) used our logo for a second.

  4. Philip Says:

    I just wanted to say how much I love Hard Time, and eagerly look forward to the next trade and season. You and Mary do such a great job, and give me faith that the comic industry won’t be dying out anytime soon.