Draft-Dodging in the Culture War

I’m not going to wish you “Merry Christmas” *or* “Happy Holidays”. I’m not going to wish you “Happy Chanukah”, “Happy Kwanzaa”, or “Season’s Greetings”, either.

My seasonal wish is simply this:


May each and every one of you get laid by New Years Eve. That will truly make the world a more peaceful, more joyous place.

10 Responses to “Draft-Dodging in the Culture War”

  1. Matt Maxwell Says:

    It’s the only civilized solution.

    A heavily Enthused Fuckmas to you too, sir.

  2. Forrest Says:

    Pleasant Paroxysms!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    My centiments exactly!! And, also with you!

  4. Roger a. Says:

    Thanks Steve! Here’s hopin’….

    And a Enthused Fuckmas to you as well!

  5. Bob Kennedy Says:

    And they say Steve doesn’t have a sentimental side!

  6. Brent Wilcox Says:

    (wiping coffee off the screen)

    And a Hearty Humping to you!

  7. Man Of Aluminum Says:

    I went to see my wife’s family fpr christmas…. her uncle said he had some old comic books and brought them out for me to peruse….. most of them were crap- but wait! Bestill my heart! It’s issues 2 and 3 of Omega the Unknown! I, of course, took them home…. now to find issue #1..

  8. Art Says:

    >now to find issue #1..

    That’ll get you laid for sure! 😎

  9. Man Of Aluminum Says:

    >That’ll get you laid for sure! 😎

    Really?!?!?! Gee, I better get crackin’! 😉

  10. Brian Christgau Says:

    A nice, good, long vigorous lay to you as well, Steve. And may she not turn out to be a post-op transexual. ;p

    And on that note, my girlfriend is bothering me to get off the computer. May this New Year bring you all voluminous amounts of boinking with the partner of your choice!