Reality Sinking

Yesterday, my friends Bret and Carol came over and we began packing up the apartment.

Also yesterday, I paid a visit to the Adagio rental offiice and gave notice that I was moving out. As the complex is going condo and all the tenants have been asked to vacate, I found it odd that the printed notice form asked why I was leaving. I wrote: “Because you don’t want me to live here anymore.” I enjoy bluntness.

Today, I mailed my USPS change-of-address card.

Tomorrow, I sign the lease on the new place and pick up the keys.

I really am moving.


2 Responses to “Reality Sinking”

  1. Tom Walker Says:

    Good for you and Good Luck and Good Health in your new space.

  2. TreeFrog Says:

    Awesome blog you have. I enjoyed reading it this evening.