I’ve spent the last few weeks settling into new surroundings and appraising new realities.

I’m almost ready to turn communicative again.

10 Responses to “Quiescence”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    Welcome back

  2. Tom Walker Says:

    yo nature boy!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? You just put your lips together and blow —

  4. Craig Taylor Says:

    Yay!! I just re-read HTS2 1-3 and they really reward multiple readings. I reckon HTS2 is an early contender for best series of 06. The series has all the things I enjoy about stories: a large cast of character with differing relationships and a plot that keeps me reading. I do enjoy my monthly “fix” of comics. I’ve been reading comics for thirty years now (and I started ‘fore I could reed and rite).

    I just got done reading a great book called ”Everything bad is good for you” by Steven Johnson, which is about the increased complexity of modern popculture. His comments on TV are applied to comics by pop culture prof. Henry Jenkins (MIT) in the notes at the back. HTS2 fits the compexity bill presented in this book perfectly. It’s a shame that (too) many comics fail to see this depth, giving only a surface reading that fails even on first reading.


  5. Tom Walker Says:

    bii fii scorra?

  6. Tom Walker Says:

    biafran scorrage? tut

  7. Brian Spence Says:

    Steve, your lack of posting has turned poor Tom Walker MAD!

  8. Andrew Wickliffe Says:

    Any comment on the Hard Time cancellation?

  9. Steve Gerber Says:

    > Any comment on the Hard Time cancellation? < Yeah, a lot. I couldn't comment, though, until DC had made the announcement. Where did you hear about it?

  10. Len N. Wallace Says:

    Final issue was just solicited. That came out of nowhere, man… I’m pretty livid about it, too. I know I sold like, 30 new people on the relaunch. I had no idea sales were bad enough not to at least let you get another full 12 issues out before pulling the plug.

    I’m really bummed, man. This has been IMO the best work of your career, and 7 issues just doesn’t seem like the way to go out properly.

    Also, Steve… I just recently got a staff writing job for The Pulse, and I’d love to do an interview with you, if you’d be up for it. On Hard Time, and any other books. Just be able to shoot the shit. Let me know.