You may be wondering why I haven’t written anything about our Proctident’s all-time low poll numbers or the administration’s purchase of ordinary Americans’ privacy from the phone companies.

Two reasons:

1. I don’t believe in gloating.

2. I’m not sure that anything’s really changed among the electorate.

Time and time again, we’ve seen that it doesn’t matter what the Republicans do or to whom they do it. The voters always seem to forgive. Rove and company are geniuses when it comes to winning elections. And even if they weren’t — well, as Mark Evanier likes to say, if this gang of thugs and incompetents ran unopposed, they’d lose. Luckily for them, they get to run against Democrats.

Take nothing for granted.

3 Responses to “Surveillance”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    Did you see the Wall Street Journal has him at 29%?

    I wonder when Bush gets to the magic 27% (the same number as Nixon when he resigned) if maybe some Republicans will step up and ask for some investigations. They look so bad just standing aside while Bush commits atrocity after atrocity. Maybe a Republican will break ranks and start an investigation against Bush, but I doubt it. We’ll have to win get an investigation, which is why this is probably the most important mid-term election I’ve ever seen. If we lose, Bush goes home scot-free.

  2. Joe Brusky Says:

    Let’s not forget that this is just George W. Bush and his cronies. This is a huge group of Americans who have the same mindset and are in positions of power executing these flagrant abuses on our privacy.

    And they think they are right and don’t care what we think.

    The best thing is that finally, finally, people are waking up from their post 9/11 patriotic stupors and are taking note.

    But, if the NSA is tracking our phone conversations. they are also tracking our e-mail, blogs and IMs. So:

    Hi guys! Get bent!!! FU!!!

    Now about the republicans; they are distancing themselves from Bush, except for Condoleeza Rice, who I do think will run in 2008 against Frist and a few others.

    The Rice campaign will be an extension of the Bush administration. But since she is the most powerful African-desendant woman on the planet ever, she is intriguing.

    Who knows if it will be intriguing enough for four more years of this crap.

    Joe Brusky

    p.s.: Thank god Condi got rid of that crappy, nappy, grease-job hairdo!!!

  3. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    If this gang of thugs and incompetents ran unopposed, they’d lose. Unfortunately, the Democrats keep putting up even bigger, more incompetent thugs against them.