Gay Talese on Writing

A somewhat unconventional view of the process and the profession in this era of corporatized creativity.

2 Responses to “Gay Talese on Writing”

  1. Charles Bryan Says:

    Of all of the things I’ve read about the creative process (God, what a horribly clinical term) this is probably the most accurate. Sure, there are probably some people for whom it’s all just ice cream and rose petals, but I think that most people who try to produce something of high quality work themselves over trying to reach their goal. Even then, true satisfaction is elusive.

    Talese’s essay does remind me that when a new banner was being sought for this site, I thought a keyboard with blood stains would be interesting. Sick and depressing, but interesting.

  2. Scott Koblish Says:

    Oh, I don’t know if it’s terribly accurate; maybe for how Gay Talese creates, sure. I mean – 3 books in 34 years – the latest book taking, according to Talese, a solid 13 years to write. Although his worklife is supplimented with a lot of articles and reportage, it’s clear that Gay writes and rewrites and rethinks everything he does to the point of near paralyzation. Speaking for myself, I am critically aware of my own mortality and am desperately trying to create as much work as I possibly can… it’s almost a madness to me now…

    Talese is an excellent speaker and advocate for his observations on life – I saw him on Charlie Rose the other day and thought he was quite an interesting fellow. I am curious as to what he wrote on the mob situation in the 60’s and 70’s – he was clearly attached to that story like a pit bull on a bone…
    Scott Koblish-