Did Iraq’s WMDs Come from Texas?

I know I promised that my next post would be non-political, but then my friend Dave Kraft sent me the following, from the Wayne Masden Report:

June 28, 2006 — WMR has reported on the explosive information from two Iraqi War Army counter-intelligence veterans that they uncovered materials and documents proving that some of Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons were provided in 1988 by The Carlyle Group, through Spanish and French intermediaries. WMR has learned that pre-cursor and recombinant chemicals used in Iraqi WMDs were provided by a Texas petrochemical company and a chemical/biological toxin firm in which George H. W. Bush held and continues to hold a financial stake.

I gather this site is the lefty equivalent of Drudge, so it’s probably advisable to take its reportage with a grain of salt, or perhaps the entire Bonneville Salt Flats. But if any of this very long article is even *remotely* true, it’s — well, not dynamite, exactly — something a little more destructive and massier. (Colbert disease. Sorry.)

There’s also a very funny item about the alleged W/Condi tryst, which the Globe tabloid now seems to be hawking on a regular basis. I don’t take this very seriously, but — who knows? It was the tabloids that broke the Gennifer Flowers story, too.

On a completely unrelated note, I saw “Superman Returns” Friday. It’s not bad. If you’re favorably inclined toward the character and the Donner/Reeve interpretation thereof, chances are you’ll enjoy it. (The film is not without its nits — most glaringly the total waste of Parker Posey as a Miss-Tessmacher-except-without-a-personality character — but I’ll leave the picking to others for now.)

4 Responses to “Did Iraq’s WMDs Come from Texas?”

  1. Charles Bryan Says:

    Thanks for posting the link to the site. I think it leans a bit towards the conspiracy theory philosophy of life, but there isn’t much there that, if true, would utterly surprise cynical little me. I know I’ve read other things about The Carlyle Group that leads me to think that they wouldn’t be above such activities.

    (Side topic: Why is it bad for political candidates to be “out of the mainstream”, but prefectly acceptable these days for information sources? Whenever I hear “Mainstream Media” or “MSM”, I just laugh and laugh, and then I scowl.)

    I still subscribe to the theory that the Bush Administration simply had it in for Saddam, and they were eagerly accepting and publicly distributing any information — no matter how dodgy it’s origins — that would justify pre-emptive action.

    As far as George-a-leezza, I can’t help but paraphrase the old Meat Loaf song — “I’ll Do Anything for George, but I Won’t Do THAT”. I just don’t see her lowering herself that much. She’s not some ditzy intern. She’ll lie to Congress, but that doesn’t mean she’ll congress with a liar.

    Would I be greatly entertained if it is true? Absolutely! Additionally, it would be relevant to the last post’s wondering about whether women could be attracted to men of lesser intellect.

    However, my Hush-Hush-Strictly-Confidential-and-on-the-QT sources have Condi linked to NFLPA Head Gene Upshaw. You heard it here first!

    Hope everyone (well, in the U.S. and Canada) is enjoying an extended holiday. Don’t blow off any typing fingers!

  2. gordon kent Says:

    On the completely unrelated side of things, I saw Superman Returns as well and I pretty much agree with Steve… But I’d also add that the kid seemed oddly cast in that he looked like neither Lois, Clark or for that matter Richard White. (Was his first name Richard?)

  3. A.L. Baroza Says:

    Wait, Condi’s not a virgin? Isn’t she saving herself for Jesus?

  4. Forrest Says:

    “some of Saddam Hussein’s chemical and biological weapons”

    No nuclear precursors? Drat. There goes a prize opportunity to write “The Yellowcake of Texas”.