No Comment Necessary

It’s a Comedy Central trade ad celebrating South Park‘s Emmy nominations.


4 Responses to “No Comment Necessary”

  1. Stephen Payne Says:

    That was the funniest episode of that show I’d seen in a long time. I couldn’t stop laughing during the “This is what Scientologists actually believe!” sequence detailing Xenu’s plans for interplanetary conquest.

    Interestingly, I read on the Internet Movie Database that this ad caused a bit of a flap since it came out right after Mel Gibson’s drunken “The Jews Run Everything!” rant became public, and people thought it was a dig at him. Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Comedy Central all said the ad was placed weeks ago, and it was just a coincidence.

    I guess it just goes to show some people have a general ignorance of publishing and have no idea how long pre-production takes before a magazine is waiting for them on the bookstands.

  2. A.L. Baroza Says:

    Not really appropros of the South Park guys or their lunges at irreverence, I’ve been LOL-amused this past week watching the cable news guys’ heads threaten to explode as they try to reconcile sympathy for fellow conservative Mel with their unreserved cheerleading for Israel’s Lebanon action. It’s like the way those supercomputers in Star Trek were outwitted by Capt. Kirk: “Does not compute! Does not compute!”

  3. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Unlike liberals, conservatives are allowed to stray from the “party line”.

  4. Brian Spence Says:

    I was going to say “Steve said no comment necessary!”, but now I have to comment, dammit.

    Cheap shot, Bart. And wrong. I don’t even have to explain, because you know your comment was snarky.