Hour of the Wolf

I’m seeing ‘way too much of this godforsaken predawn daypart lately.

As soon as I finished the script I just told you I finished, I learned we had an emergency situation that could only be remedied with the speedy completion of another script. (It’s crazier than that, of course, but I’d rather not go into the details just now.)

So, basically, I’m crawling back in my word processing burrow again and may not be seen or heard from for awhile.

13 Responses to “Hour of the Wolf”

  1. Alex Krislov Says:

    Steve, you’ve always been a perfectionist. I remember an episode where you spent days –days!– working and reworking the captions on a full page panel before jettisoning the lot of them and went with a simple one-line dialogue balloon. Don’t work yourself to death, man.

  2. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Gotta love it when creators get the bug and caught up in the fever.

  3. gordon Says:

    Mommas don’t let your children grow up to be comic book writers…

  4. Mario Di Giacomo Says:

    Just saw the cover to issue #2. Very nice, although I’m not entirely sure about the “buckle”.

    And I’m curious to find out what the ‘sphere is.

  5. Jack Holt (Bgztl) Says:

    Was the emergency related tot he art team? I noticed Mr. Gulacy’s only handling covers on # 2.

  6. Steve Gerber Says:

    “Was the emergency related to the art team?”

    Yes, but I can’t say any more about it until DC does.

  7. Steve Gerber Says:

    “Just saw the cover to issue #2. Very nice, although I’m not entirely sure about the “buckle”.”

    The costume design is still evolving.

    “And I’m curious to find out what the ’sphere is.”

    You’ll get a taste of that ‘sphere in the first issue, too. It’s one of several surprises I really don’t want to spoil.

    (The *Doctor Fate* #2 cover can be seen here, by the way.)

  8. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Thanks for the cover link! This was my first peek and, based on the first 2 covers, I suspect that I will look forward to seeing them nearly as much as I do the stories themselves. Impressive work.

  9. Mario Di Giacomo Says:

    I don’t buy a lot of books in singles these days… but you have me intrigued.

  10. Charles Bryan Says:

    Cover #2 by Gulacy looks great — and am I mistaken in thinking that the Doctor’s base of operations (in the corporeal world) are the same as your own?

    If so, I think it’s a great idea. If not, I still think it’s a great idea.

    Good luck! I’m eagerly waiting for the book to hit my pull box. (Well, that sounded dirtier than it is . . .)

  11. Brian Spence Says:

    Glad to hear you’re really into this project. It’s definitely the most I’ve seen you get into your work since I started reading the HTD message boards and here on this blog. Even more than Hard Time? Maybe it’s because you’re letting us in on what’s going on while you write it.

  12. Alistair Says:

    >Maybe it’s because you’re letting us in on what’s going on while you write it.

    That’s the fascinating thing.

  13. JackHolt (Bgztl) Says:

    You know the use of Vegas for Doctor Fate # 2 made me think of a recent novel by Dean Koontz called Forever Odd. It featured the same character as in Odd Thomas (and now in his new book Brother Odd). There IS something creepy about a town full of casinos and setting a ghost/supernatural story in a casino is sort of like setting one in a carnival funhouse. . . . the unreal mood is almost set in advance.

    I’m actually sort of looking forward to this one.