If you stopped by here and found the blog totally redesigned, it’s because I’ve been
experimenting with several WordPress “themes”, in search of an alternative to the one I currently run. The “MinimaPlus” theme, the current one, causes a weird display problem in IE 7 — and the use of IE7 is about to become much more common with the release of Windows Vista.

(If you’re running Firefox, you’ve never seen this display problem and likely never will. The temptation to switch to that browser grows daily. I currently use a “front end” for IE called Maxthon. It’s wonderful, and somehow much faster than IE itself, and it had tabbed browsing before the first release of FireFox, if I recall. Nonetheless, deep under the hood, it’s still IE, and still subject to the kernel’s secret recipe.)

Oddly, though, I don’t recall experimenting with that racetrack theme. (Its real name is “PressRow”.) It wasn’t half-bad, though, was it? A few modifications and it might work here.

Anyway, if you navigate to this page and find yourself looking at a completely unfamiliar layout, that’s the reason.

(I play around with WordPress themes when my head needs a rest from scripting comics. It seems to use a different part of the brain.)

2 Responses to “Skin-Deep”

  1. Nat Gertler Says:

    Big grin for “the kernel’s secret recipe.” I suspect I’ll be stealing that.

  2. Stephen Abrams Says:

    Glad to see that things are back to normal.