Jingle Jangle Mourning Sickness

Sorry about not posting for a number of days.

I haven’t been sleeping well, haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I wanted (needed) to with the writing, haven’t been able to concentrate much.

Time to take inventory, figure out what the hell — oh! THAT!!

It’s tax time again! Yippoo! The only time of year when my temperament gets uglier than it does around Christmas!

Hi, there! (Die.) Oh, I’m fine. (Die.) How are you? (Die.) Well, gotta go (die). Give my best to (hurl large, blunt objects at) the wife and kids.

Okay, so finally, I gathered my last remaining wit about me and got the return (of the living dead) done. (Die, return, die.) Now I have to write a check to George Bush. (Di– uh, no, that could land me in Guantanamo, couldn’t it? Live! Viva! Gambol! Cavort! Caper!)

I can’t think of an ending for this, so I’ll just

7 Responses to “Jingle Jangle Mourning Sickness”

  1. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Feel better.

  2. Stephen Payne Says:

    Writing a check to Bush will get you sent to Guantanamo? I don’t think so. I do recall that writing a check to Clinton usually got you a night in the Lincoln bedroom. (Well, you were in the Lincoln room. You’re wife was over in the Kennedy room with Bill)

  3. Forrest Says:

    No, not writing a check. Reread for the common refrain.

    Yes, it’s good that Mr B lets only his friends sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom:

    Los Angeles attorney Donald Etra stayed at the Bush White House several times and at Camp David once. Etra, a Yale classmate of the president, said he and his wife were invited as friends, not because they each gave Mr. Bush $1,000 in 2000.

    “Friendship comes first, donations come second,” Etra said.

    Describing a stay in the Lincoln Bedroom, he said it was almost impossible to sleep.

    [In 2002] it was disclosed that Bush and his wife Laura have hosted about 160 guests at the White House so far. But a White House spokeswoman refused to say how many had tried the Lincoln bed in the hallowed room. …. White House spokeswoman Anne Womack, who prepared a White House release on the subject, told me she didn’t ask which of the guests had slept in the Lincoln bedroom. When I asked if she would pursue the subject since Bush had so heartily condemned Clinton’s practice, she made it very clear that she had no intention of doing so. “There are a variety of guest rooms in the White House,” she said defensively.
    [Helen Thomas]

  4. Stephen Payne Says:

    Ooops. Serves me right for not double-checking. Personally, I’d rather sleep in the situation room in the East Wing. Make late night prank calls, “I order you to bomb Nebraska!”

  5. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Wrong again Stephen. Nobody would buy that the president would make that order. He doesn’t even know where Nebraska is.

  6. Doc Says:

    doctor fate. orixa forms.


  7. Pearce Says:

    Kurt Vonnegut died! A little bit of sanity just left the world.