Future of Doctor Fate

Got some news from DC this morning regarding their plans for publishing the Doctor Fate material. There are still some details left to be decided, but I generally agree with what they have in mind. I’ll pass it along as soon as things are settled.

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  1. Starocotes Says:

    Any reason to be afraid?
    Any end in sight for Dr. Fate?
    Do I suddently feel dizzy from vertigo?

  2. Staros Blog Says:

    […] Das verstehe wer will. Scheinbar meinen es meine Hobbies zur Zeit mit mir nicht besonders gut. Nachdem vor 2 Jahren bereits Mage Knight eingestellt wurde, das Spiel dem ich sehe viel meiner Freizeit gewidmet hatte und jetzt auch Vs. in Europa keine Verbreitung mehr findet hätte ich mir schon denken können das meine Hobbies mich nicht mögen. Jetzt hat auch Steve Gerber, der Autor der neuen Dr. Fate Serie eine ominöse Ankündigung gemacht die mich zittern lässt. Auf Dr. Fate freue ich mich nun schon seit fast einem Jahr und nun das? […]

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    I don’t think you have anything to fear. (Then again, I don’t know exactly what scares you.)

    There’s no particular end in sight, either, as long as I can turn out the scripts on a regular basis. (Then again…)

    I’m not sure whether you were hinting at this, but just in case — no, the series isn’t moving to Vertigo.

  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    To our German friends: I really didn’t mean for this post to sound “ominöse”. The Doctor Fate series will see publication and could continue for a very long time. (As with any other series, that will depend mostly on sales; I still have very high hopes for this one, especially now that I’ve seen Justiniano’s pencils for the first story. The stuff is ‘way, ‘way beyond spectacular. DC is still very enthusiastic about the series, too.)

  5. Starocotes Says:

    Hoooookay, I’m a little bit mollified, in fact I’m very calm now again. You are still talking about a series and not something atVertigo (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Vertigo, but I just think Dr. Fate belongs in the “main” DCU).

    Oh, and the german entry is from my blog but that was an automatic Trackback and not intentional. Won’t happen again, I will post my entries here manually AND in english (or at least in what passes along for english over there in the states 😉 )

  6. T. Martin Says:

    I’d got that ominous feeling too, but it’s good to hear that it’s unwarranted. Now I’m just intrigued. I wouldn’t mind the book appearing as Vertigo, to be honest, but DCU is good too.

  7. Stephen Abrams Says:

    OK, I feel a little more secure now. As long as you and DC feel confident then I can relax and get ready to count down to the beginning of this series.

  8. J. Alexander Says:

    Me, I just want to be picking up a comic book written by Steve Gerber. I have truly enjoyed your writings now and in the past.

  9. scott Says:


    Hopefully, they’re expanding the page count and giving you another book!

    Your new page looks GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!

    And, let me take this opportunity to let you in on a little secret:

    Another infamous installment of everyone’s favorite teenaged tenderbox is posted on the pontificatory page of http://www.TNAOBB.blogspot.com

  10. GeeseOPlenty Says:

    Glad to hear it, Steve. Admittedly, this post seemed rather ominous (e.g., Dr. Fate will be distributed to the masses via carrier pigeon once a quarter. You snooze, you lose).

  11. T. Martin Says:

    Let me guess: it’s going to be DC’s new weekly!

  12. Starocotes Says:

    Uhm, I’m confident that Steve will deliver a compelling good, intruiging story involving a Dr. Fate that is a modern character but also has ties to the rich legacy.

    I’m NOT confident that he can do it on a weekly basis. Has any one single author been able to do that?

  13. Steve Gerber Says:

    Uh, no, it’s not the new weekly.

  14. Esteban Pedreros Says:

    Hi Steve.

    If the new Dr- Fate series is going to be labeled “Countdown to”, then I seriously doubt it’s going to be a regular series, not because of you or the success of the series, but because it would be strange for the series to last longer that the “Countdown” book that Dini is running.

    Given that all the Anthologies DC has recently published have lasted 8 issues, my guess is that this new series will also last 8 issues, and Hopefully it’ll serve to launch a new Dr. Fate series properly, but in my opinnion, if the scripts are exactly the same, and you story does not relate in any way, shape or form with the story Paul Dini is writing, then the compulsive buyers who’ll buy the book because they think it has something to do with “Countdown”, will be extremely dissapointed.

    I understand the idea of having a wider audience for your work, and I for one am happy that this new method of publication will secure you a initial order number much higher than what a new Dr. Fate solo book would probably have, but on a long term scenario, I doubt that this is the best choice.
    I also don’t understand why DC launched the “Helmet of Fate”, miniseries on February and March (or March/April), and the #1 of Dr. Fate appears 5 months later. I know you’ve said you had some problems to complete your scripts on time, but DC shouldn’t have rushed the publication of the introductory miniseries if the book wasn’t ready to see print.

    I have no particular love for Dr. Fate, but I bought Hard Time, and I’ve read some of you work and I like it, and because of the amount of work you devoted to this new series I’m seriously thinking about ordering it, but where some pople may feel atracted some may feel a different impulse, and I’m reluctant to buy a series with a “countdown to”, label on it…. we’ll see when the final announce it’s made.