Thanks, everyone…

…for your concern and good wishes.

Try to not be sad, though. Keep in mind that a somewhat positive outcome is still possible with the lung transplant.

Personally, I expect to continue writing comics nobody buys well into the Gore administration.

(Note to my enemies: Feel free to thwart my expectations by ordering extra copies of COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY.)

14 Responses to “Thanks, everyone…”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    Gore Administration? I don’t think Gore has enough money to outbid Bloomberg for the office of President, or does he?

    I don’t consider myself your enermy but I will try to thwart your expectations very much so.

  2. Steve Ferkau Says:

    Hi Steve…

    I disagree with the phrase “somewhat positive” regarding outcome in lung transplant. After living so long with lousy lungs, I can’t even describe what it feels like to breathe “normally”… I feel like someone slapped a blue & red spandex outfit on me, gave me a long, red cape, and smacked a big “S” on my chest…

    I’ve also been lucky enough to learn of the beautiful girl who smacked that big “S” on my chest. I’ve included a website my princess helped me build that is a tribute to my donor, and tells a little of both of our stories. I contribute to a blog circling around organ donation at

    You take care — you hang in there… I hope you’re breathing strong and writing comics well into Gore’s second term…



    Steve Ferkau
    Chicago, IL

  3. Brian Spence Says:

    It’s so weird that many people like us want Gore to run again. He’s been such a great environmental advocate (and for other lefty issues) since his campaign ended. He needs to grow back the beard, lose some of the weight, and fire all his advisors. He’s supposedly a very funny guy. Even his daughter is, or was, a writer for the Simpsons.

    Still, I think the Dems have 2 or 3 candidates without Gore that can beat anyone the Republicans try to throw at us.

  4. Brian Keene Says:

    “Personally, I expect to continue writing comics nobody buys well into the Gore administration.”

    And I expect to continue buying two copies of each—one for me and one for a friend.

    Sending good thoughts your way…

  5. gordon Says:

    I know how horrible it would be for you if people actually DID buy the comics you wrote… you’d probably have no choice but to stop writing!

  6. Brian Hughes Says:

    I just wanted to pass on my best (non-maudlin) wishes to you, and I hope to be buying your comics well into the Gore administration too. As Mr. Ferkau pointed out, you’ve got a decent shot, so hang in there. On a completely unrelated topic, my son and I have been watching season 4 of Batman: the Animated Series, and we both dug “Critters”, even if no one else did. That goat delivering Farmer Brown’s ransom demands still cracks me up.

  7. beau Says:

    Steve, Thanks for this post, on top of all the other
    stuff you’ve given over the years. I needed a smile
    this morning. Keep the faith, there’s a path through
    the nexus to better times. 😉

  8. DomMartin Says:

    If your lungs are failing and your are getting new ones, a couple of bong hits can’t do any harm to ease the pain.

  9. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    Thanks to you Steve, not only for all that you gave us, but for your current efforts in keeping serene.
    I am not sad at all.
    I think of you, and I do care… 😀

  10. Charles Bryan Says:

    Well, I’m hoping for a Kristen Gore administration, so that extends the time frame even further. (Kristen will, of course, ascend to the presidency after the turbulent, though entertaining, Jolie-Pitt years.)

    Until that time, I plan on remaining one of the nobodies that will buy Mr. G’s comics — although by that time, every title will be tied-in to the only remaining comics characters, SonyAppleDisney’s “Avenging Teen Zombie League of Mangamerica”, featuring ExxonMobil Lad, Starbucks Girl, Nick Nike, and The I’mSureByNowI’veMadeMyPoint Kid.

    Steve, be well. Watch a lot of comedies and hang out with people who make you laugh — which I think is good advice for any situation.

  11. Forrest Says:

    “This is going to hurt a latte!” — Starbucks Girl

  12. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    SonyAppleDisney’s acronym is: SAD, but we should not submit to sadness.
    A small sacrifice, acted out for love — of course, works often better than employing excesses of “smartness”.

    Again, my warmest thoughts for you, Steve… 😀

  13. Glen A. RITCHIE Says:

    (This e-mail message was originally sent privately on Sunday, June 24th, 2007; a failure notice indicates that it was not received.)

    Dear Steve:

    I very sorry to learn by way of your web log that you are currently facing some serious medical conditions.

    As you can read in the following web links, I’ve always thought the world of you and your work:

    Since I don’t consider myself a writer – frustrated or otherwise – rest assured that my intent in sharing these web links with you was to offer you public praise, not to promote my personal projects.

    As suggested on your web log, I contacted The Hero Initiative for information on how I might contribute towards a special fund for your medical assistance.

    It was since clarified that no such fund exists, but I decided yesterday to make a contribution via PayPal, in any case.

    Also, perhaps I should bring it to your attention that I’ve taken the liberty of adding The Hero Initiative to the database of non-profit organisations listed on the philanthropic search engine,

    Despite your present situation, it’s evident from reading your web log that your sense of humour is still very much intact (the comment about inheriting a woman’s lungs had me literally laughing out loud).

    Although I’ve not read comic books for some years, you’ve always been in my thoughts; your work has profoundly influenced my life.

    I truly hope that you recover soon, Steve.

    All the best to you, always.


    Glen A. RITCHIE

    Please remember to visit to make your free daily donation of food to the needy. This programme is paid for by clicking on the advertisers listed, with the food being delivered by a highly reputable agency, the United Nations.

  14. James Wilkinson Says:

    You don’t know me and I’ve never posted on this blog before, but I just wanted to send you my best regards and hope that you will undergo a successful transplant soon.