Very provocative column about journalism, comics, bread, circuses, advertising, and (by implication) corporatism by Steven Grant.

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One Response to “Recommended”

  1. Charles Bryan Says:

    Well, Newsarama getting sold doesn’t bother me much — I never viewed it as the comics equivalent of investigative journalism; it’s the Entertainment Tonight of comics news sites. Grant’s views, though, on the rest of the world of journalism are all too accurate.

    Truly depressing is local television news — there are any number of stories shown because they were “Caught on tape!”. National television news is good for some headlines, although the focus on sleaze and scandal grows and grows. Daily newspapers manage to wedge in some items relevant to involved citizenship between the horoscope and the want ads. I haven’t read Time or Newsweek in years.

    I think they’ve also all been cowed by critics, and have let some stories slide in order to appear patriotic and not-liberal.

    It makes me all the more grateful for Bill Moyers. And Frontline. And The Nation.