Weekly Weigh-In #2

Starting weight: 215

Previous weight: 210

Current weight: 205.5

(These first pounds are the easy ones, of course. I’ll be astonished if the weight loss continues at this pace.)

7 Responses to “Weekly Weigh-In #2”

  1. L0N Says:

    YAY! Good job. I have leveled out myself lately, so dont get discouraged when it happens to you.

  2. Starocotes Says:

    nearly 10 pounds in 2 weeks is much better than anything I ever managed (at least in the down direction 😉 )

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    If I remember my experience in the ’70s correctly, larger weight losses are fairly typical at the start of the Carbo-Calorie diet. The weight loss slows to two or three pounds a week — sometimes even less — as the goal draws nearer. But most diets tend to work that way.

    Also, these 9.5 pounds were gained just recently, which may explain why they came off so quickly. 203 or 204 should have been my starting point for this diet.

    Not that I’m complaining, mind you. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here.

  4. Scott Andrew Hutchins Says:

    Interesting news from JAMA:


  5. Brian Spence Says:

    When I found out I had cancer, I lost five pounds in one day (the cancer didn’t make me lose the weight, I just drank a lot of water, and didn’t feel like eating much). Our portions are the biggest problem. That, and a lack of exercise.

  6. Robert W. Getz Says:

    Sure, it’s gonna slow down some, but this is still damned impressive. You didn’t get there by doing business as usual…


  7. Judy Ginsberg Says:

    Steve, that is wonderful. Next time you come to LA we won’t recognize you. Just remember to drink a lot of water. It really does help.
    Keep up the good work and keep in touch.