Comic Book Script Template, etc. Mostly etc.

Very tired, so this will be short…

The way to make the Word Comic Book Script Template work is, I think, with a list-numbering scheme. It’s both much simpler and more frustrating than I realized. The setup is a bit crazy, because list number styles in Word are apparently *document*-based rather than *template*-based. They don’t seem to carry over automatically from one document to another based on the same template. On the other hand, once the styles have been set up in the document, they do seem to simplify matters considerably, and various users have made macros available on the net to accomplish the necessary setup. I may try putting together a prototype template that functions this way for the next Doctor Fate script, just to see if I can really make it work.

The prednisone is making my vision blurry.

I think I’m going to take the rest of the night off.

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