Latest from UCLA

Thursday morning, I spoke to the transplant coordinator at the UCLA Heart & Lung Transplant Center.

Their committee was satisfied with the results of the latest angiogram and has approved me as a transplant candidate.

I am, however, not yet on the waiting list. That should happen next week, after the coordinator confers with Blue Cross.

I’ll keep you informed.

4 Responses to “Latest from UCLA”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    This really is good news, I really hope that the list is short or that you will move up on the list very fast.

  2. Brian Spence Says:

    Fingers are crossed.

  3. Bgztl (Jack Holt) Says:

    Good luck, I hope you get good news soon.

  4. Stephen Abrams Says:

    This is great news. You’re one step closer.