Back to Work, Finally…

I seem to have a working computer again.

I definitely have an extremely urgent deadline to contend with.

Don’t expect much in the way of posts the rest of this week. Justiniano is waiting for something to draw, and providing that material takes precedence over just about anything else. Since this will also contribute mightily to keeping COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY on schedule, I think most of you will understand.

Besides, after all this time restoring the computer, I’m eager to actually use it for something again. And I’m very anxious to get back to Doctor Fate.

See you again when I can resurface.

3 Responses to “Back to Work, Finally…”

  1. Stefan Immel Says:

    Good luck and my the forces of instirational writing be with you as allways 😉

  2. Leigh Mortensen Says:

    You may want to check out Google Docs word processor.

  3. Forrest Says:

    Doesn’t Google Docs store your data on their network? Not a good place to keep sensitive information like upcoming plotlines.