Very Quick Update

I’m still in the hospital. CAT scans show improvement: the spot(s) on the lung(s) are gradually but steadily getting smaller, which means the presence of a tumor is highly unlikely. I’m probably dealing with a very nasty, very persistent viral or fungal infection.

Jim McLauchlin of the HERO INITIATIVE was in LV today and stopped by to watch me vegetate. And walk — first time I’ve done that in a while.

In fact, today was the first time in weeks that I’ve actually felt a little stronger, a little more well.

Have to keep this short. Urgent Doctor Fate stuff to be done. Will post another update next time I can get to a net connection.

16 Responses to “Very Quick Update”

  1. RAB Says:

    I’m SO glad for this update.

    As a total nonbeliever I don’t, you know, pray, or not as such…but it would be fair to say you’ve been much in my thoughts over these past few weeks, and I’m going to keep you there until you’re totally well.

    And now, one feels, another donation to the Hero Initiative is called for…

  2. Stefan Immel Says:

    Glad to hear that you improving and that the spot on your lungs is most likely something that will get better after a while.
    That you are getting back in your feet again is also god to hear and I guess that means that you will get back on the transplat list as well. Still praying for you.

  3. Brian Spence Says:


  4. Scott Says:

    Great news! It was a relief to learn.

    I lost my job, so I have some time to read CtM45 & 5. I’ve got some interviews already, which is not how things were before. I hated my job, anyway.

  5. Gordon Says:

    Glad to read good news, Steve… hope to read even better news soon.

  6. JeffZ Says:

    If this good news keeps up, before you know it you’ll have you-know-who sniffing around to go out and eat with you. Better ownplay-day the ecovery-ray…

  7. Wayne Says:

    I’m so glad to hear this news, Steve. I was praying the prolonged silence didn’t portend a prickly fate. (It just came out like that, I swear.)

    Just secured the first “season” of Hard Times and enjoying it very much.

  8. David Currie Says:

    Fantastic news! And not often is a nasty viral infection considered fantastic news, so there’s a first for February.
    Keep getting stronger Steve

  9. Bill Spangler Says:

    That’s excellent news!

  10. Robert W. Getz Says:

    Great to see you check in, Steve, and especially with such encouraging news. So glad to hear it!


  11. Marc Bryant Says:

    Thanks for the update, I was getting concerned. Sounds like steady improvement, so I hope it continues and you’re home and well soon.

  12. Kevin J. Maroney Says:

    Because I grew up reading comics and never stopped, I have a deep and abiding faith in things like that described in this article:

    Breakthroughs in artificial lungs could assist in transplants

  13. berk Says:

    Great to hear this encouraging news. Hope the outlook continues to improve.

  14. Bob Brodsky Says:

    Great news, Steve! Keep on keepin’ on!
    I am delighted by your latest health report.
    Best, Bob Brodsky

  15. Ade Brown Says:

    Hi Steve
    I’ve been an absentee well-wisher for a while.
    In part because my father-in-law had pancreatic surgery in December and we’ve been popping up to Liverpool a lot. In the broad spectrum of health, this is only tangentially related but Roy’s slooow recovery took another big step yesterday – they moved him, zimmer frame and all to a rehab hospital.

    Here’s wishing you similar positive (even if slow) progress.

    And cheers!

  16. Bob Brodsky Says:


    Can we “Gerberites” (ouch!) be of any assistance to you during your hospital stay (i.e., mail “care packages”)? Though it sounds like things are looking much better on the health front, I’d still like to help…

    I owe you my CD collection for Man-Thing alone!

    Best, Bob Brodsky