Sunday Afternoon

Still Evanier. And still pleased by how much attention is being given to the loss of our friend. After you make your way through all the lovely messages posted on this site, if you haven’t had enough, just go a’Googling and you’ll be stunned by how many are out there…even in languages Steve neither wrote nor read.

I’m going to keep this site up and running until such time as Steve’s family and close friends make some sort of decision about it. For now, there will always be a forum open for people to post whatever they feel they want to say. I’m just stopping in from time to time to read what’s here, delete the Cialis ads that make it past Gerber’s Spam filter, and close down a comments section that’s gotten too long, whereupon I start another. I also deleted one posting from someone who wrote something they shouldn’t have written, realized that too late, then wrote me in a panic to get it removed. If you read that post, pretend you didn’t.

Lastly: If you were a friend of Steve’s and you’re in the Los Angeles area and interested in attending an informal dinner where other friends just sit around and swap Gerber stories, drop me an e-mail. And do it quickly because the gathering is Tuesday evening.

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