Duck Tale

If Steve were here, I’m pretty sure he’d post this link.  It’s your chance to watch the movie, Howard the Duck, for free in a little window on your computer.  Or at least, you can watch enough of it to see Steve’s credit.  We can all find things to criticize in the film but my comment was “Not enough Gerber.”

4 Responses to “Duck Tale”

  1. Stefan "Starocotes" Immel Says:

    Unfortunatly this only works in Obama-Land 🙂

    “The video you requested is not available for viewing in your country.”

    I REALLY ought to try getting a job in Boston.

  2. Justin Newberry Says:

    “Not enough Gerber.”

    That would be my complaint about the world in general.

  3. Andy E. Nystrom Says:

    “Unfortunatly this only works in Obama-Land”

    To paraphrase another great writer’s character, it’s not that we’re locked out from fake Howard, it’s that Americans are locked in with him.:)

  4. Lark Says:

    The HtD movie is now available on DVD. Not nearly enough Gerbs (geesh, I miss him) and a lot of extra features that don’t quite make the grade. But a few sparks here and there that are the real ducky article. And at least Steve is credited.