Agony of the Rickled

The temperatures in Vegas have risen into the 110s.

When the weather gets this hot, my thoughts invariably turn to the corporatization of the American consciousness and the imminent collapse of our society.

Today, those thoughts took a new shape. I began to visualize American culture as a three-way intersection — the point where the desperate need to be cool meets the desperate need to be right and the insatiable drive to acquire.

In the light of the pitiless sun, we look like a nation of insult comics.

Tomorrow is going to be even hotter, so the subject will be “dark” comic books and risibility.

5 Responses to “Agony of the Rickled”

  1. Matt Maxwell Says:

    Man, I feel like that after a couple hours in Las Vegas, Steve. I can’t imagine living there.

    But then some folks feel the same way about LA, and there are parts of that city I’d happily live in…

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Steve, it’s not hot because of man’s corrupt, rapacious nature. It’s hot ’cause you’re in a freakin’ desert!

    I think you’re ready for a Seattle phase, personally.

  3. David Medinnus Says:

    I’d love to be able to move to Vegas – while I’m not a huge fan of three-digit temperatures, they beat the snot out of one (or even negative) digit temperatures.

  4. Forrest Says:

    Someone I know once wrote “The bluest skies are not in Seattle.”

    He lives in Auburn, so —

  5. Mark Haden Frazer Says:

    I recently visited Vegas – (not because I wanted to… it was a family thing) and I gotta tell ya, there is NO friggin’ way on Holy Gawd’s Green Earth that I’d even REMOTELY consider living there. I dunno how you do it. It’s like being exiled to a settlement on the hot side of Mercury – and most of your fellow inmates are over-70 & have nothing better to do than create HUGE light displays to take advantage of the free electricity.