Bizarre Stories

I've spent most of my career writing comics, but a few decades ago, I worked briefly as a copy writer at an advertising agency in my hometown of St. Louis.

My days were occupied churning out TV and radio spots for savings and loan associations ("Deposit $5,000 and get an omelet pan—FREE!"), trade magazine ads for industrial heaters (they're used to keep the O-rings warm on intercontinental ballistic missiles), and commercials for a spray-on fabric wrinkle remover (a somewhat problematical product; it got rid of wrinkles, but it also ate the fabric).

Needless to say, the work was about as stimulating as playing tonsil hockey with a doorknob.

I was desperate for a diversion—any diversion. And so, with my office door locked and the lights dimmed, I began writing, on company time, a series of bizarre little tales to keep my mind alive...


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