"You have 24 hours to live. Use them to repent-or be forever damned to the pits of hell, where goeth all fools. Today is the last day of the rest of your life. Use it wisely—or die a fool!"

Back in the pages of Man-Thing, evangelist Ross Everbest donned the mask of the Foolkiller and struck out against those he saw as the 'fools' of the world, those who didn't adhere to his particular moral agenda-hippies, pacifists, atheists. Finally, after a killing spree that left 74 'fools' dead, Everbest knew fear, and burned at the touch of the Man-Thing.

Inmate Greg Salinger was inspired by Everbest's crusade though and soon another Foolkiller was carrying the torch. Salinger believed that those who nurtured materialism and mediocrity were the true fools. After battling Omega the Unknown, and the Defenders, Salinger was finally apprehended by Spider-Man and committed to a mental institution.

Years later, Kurt Gerhardt, recently divorced and laid-off from his job, sees Salinger interviewed on a talk show, and the legacy of the Foolkiller is again passed on.

FOOLKILLER is a 10-issue mini-series, published by Marvel Comics in 1990-91, with art and covers by JJ Birch (XOMBI). FOOLKILLER is unique for a mainstream comic, as its star isn't a super-powered world saver, or a masked vigilante who breaks the law with a wink and a smile from the authorities. FOOLKILLER is the story of an everyday man driven to extremes, and the people who get in his way.


Synopsis by Marc Bryant


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