Nevada TPB cover "OOK IMPATU, GAH?"

"NEVADA is Gerber, Winslade, Leialoha, Eyring and Workman at the top of their game." Larry Young - PLANETLAR/AiT

"...rivals anything seen in PREACHER or TRANSMETROPOLITAN for sheer, delightful audacity." Popimage.com

Nevada is not your average Las Vegas showgirl.

Her dance partner is an ostrich named Bolero.

Her ex-boyfriend won't get the message and the club where she works is in danger of being shut down, due to a pesky serial killer who's leaving the guests' appendages all over the hotel.

To make matters worse, she's being stalked by a wino that wants her to succeed him as the protector of all Existence. That's Existence with a capital 'E'. The wino, incidentally, is being hunted by a gangster whose head's been replaced by a... but that would be telling.

NEVADA, a 157 page graphic novel, published by DC Comics/Vertigo features gorgeous pencils and cover paintings by Phil Winslade (GODDESS, DAREDEVIL/SPIDER-MAN) and inks by Steve Leialoha (PETREFAX) and Dick Giordano (BATMAN).

Based on an idea in HOWARD THE DUCK #16 that Neil Gaiman demanded to see more of, NEVADA is an offbeat, irreverent adventure story that breaks all the rules as far comics starring women (and ostriches) are concerned.

Highly recommended for readers of TRANSMETROPOLITAN, PREACHER, and the INVISIBLES, the NEVADA trade paperback is a self-contained story available now from your local bookseller or comics retailer, or online from Amazon.com.

Writer: Steve Gerber
Artist: Phil Winslade
Inkers: Steve Leialoha and Dick Giordano
Colorist: Nathan Eyring & Chris Chuckry
Letterer: John E. Workman

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ISBN # 1-56389-518-8

Synopsis by Marc Bryant


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