Things to Do…

* Stay off solid foods for another day or two. (I’ve been sick.)

* Relive and forget. (I’ve been cryptic.)

* Have another major commercial success before I die.

6 Responses to “Things to Do…”

  1. gordon kent Says:

    Regarding point 3: Lucky you — you had at least one commercial success in your life. I hope you have many more — perhaps Hard Times will be the next one.

  2. J. Alexander Says:

    I would love to see your next (and not the last) commercial success be HARD TIMES. Unfortunately, I suspect that unless it can be moved to the Vertigo imprint, it will just remain a critical success. It is a great title, but the main DC imprint has proven to me to no longer be the place for non-factory approved superheroes-see what happen to FALLEN ANGELS.

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    Gordon: What people don’t realize is that I had my commercial success in comics at a time when having a commercial success meant nothing to the creators. No matter how well the books sold, the writers and artists only made their page rate. No royalties, no residuals — nothing. We weren’t even paid for reprints of our material.

  4. Steve Gerber Says:

    J.: I’m not sure the imprint matters all that much. What will be absolutely crucial for *Hard Time* is the publisher’s support, and we seem to have that to an unusual degree. I can only hope it continues.

  5. Soon Says:

    On point 1: Babies get it good with food.

  6. gordon kent Says:

    That’s fair, Steve… still, you were acknowledged and, while you can’t take that to the bank or buy food with it, it’s something… or isn’t it? Maybe it isn’t.