I’ve been really sick the past couple of days, unable to eat solid food without…immediate repercussions. I hate this. I hate being attacked by my own body. It’s exhausting and infuriating and I’d rather be thinking about Karl Rove and why he’s going to get away with this latest outrage because the same people who want the Ten Commandments tattooed on everybody’s forehead seem remarkably able to overlook the basest, most cowardly manner of lies and betrayal…

Oh, never mind.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t the Xian right that won the 2004 election for our Proctodent anyway. His real ace in the hole, so to speak, is dumb, terrified males.

I’ll explain when the repercussions stop…

5 Responses to “Enervation”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    Interesting post. Hope I’m not stealing anything from your next post, but you got me thinking.

    It seems like if Rove, Bush, Cheney and friends make their Supreme Court appointments, their Schiavo battles, their holy crusade against infidels, then whatever crimes they commit are going to be overlooked. The far right has been waiting for this opportunity for so many years that they’re willing to overlook any indiscretions (to put it nicely).

    I’ve been frustrated about the apologists on the right for a while. I keep asking myself,”how can they be that blind?” I think it’s the same delusions that allow them to overlook the inconsistencies in the Bible and still believe every word. These are people whose entire lives are based on a delusion. Their religious leaders are infallible, and if they have FAITH and if they see it through to THE END, then all of GOD’S mysterious ways will become clear. It’s not their position to question why.

    I grew up Catholic, and I know it’s true. I was told we need to be like Peter, “the rock.” No matter what happened, his faith couldn’t be shaken. He didn’t need proof, he had his faith in God.

    Ironic that they want to be as dumb as rocks.

  2. David Medinnus Says:

    Well, perhaps the “dumb as rocks” is an overstatement (but then again, perhaps not).

    However, lets distinguish between the Great White Right, the Religious Reich, and the Greedy Bastards At The Top.

    The GBAT want to maintain the status quo of blind obedience and justification as long as they possibly can; these people, and their supporters, make millions and millions from their corrupt practice, and throw the other groups a metaphorical stick to distract them.

    The Great White Right are those who have a comfortable status quo, and who have been running scared for the last decade or two. All the things they were brought up with are being challenged, or collapsing; religous dogma can’t keep up with technology, gender roles are less defined, unthinking “Gold Old Boy” prejudices and knee-jerk bigotry are no longer being winked at, and gas prices are making them wonder if they can afford the one-car-per-adult paradigm they’ve enjoyed for decades. Change scares them, and the rate of change continues to accellerate, whether they like it or not. So – heads into the sand, everyone! Trust in those who seem to share the (what I laughingly refer to as) same values!

    And the Religious Reich are composed 95/10 of ignorant, stupid people and greedy manipulators – neither of which consider those who don’t belong in their “club” as really human – or to quote one of the Pope’s famous, infallible dictums “Kill them all – God will know His Own”.

  3. Mark Haden Frazer Says:

    Q: How many Bush Administration officials does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: None. There is nothing wrong with the light bulb; its conditions are improving every day. Any reports of its lack of incandescence are delusional spin from the liberal media. That light bulb has served honorably, and anything you say undermines the lighting effect. Why do you hate illumination?

  4. Mary Skrenes Says:

    Hey Brian, I was also raised Catholic; the perfect practice for the development of my pseudo psychic curse. I “know” that black and white are the same thing. Had I become a physicist, I could probably write the mathematical formula to prove it. Too bad I suck at math.

    Peter’s faith was unshakeable because he had proof. Christ wasn’t the only one to change water into wine or multiply the loaves and fishes. It’s sort of an East Indian Mystic’s parlor trick. But, if you saw some leper get cured there would be no leap of faith for you. The onus was on the leper.

    Doubting Thomas refused to believe until he was given proof. In keeping with the religious or anecdotal metaphor, he sort of justifies the “Liberal” movement of questioning political spin.

    The spin is out of control. It’s the Xtians against the Mslms, “My god is better than your god.” You got a holy war – we got a holy response. Whoever is still publishing and broadcasting in the end, wins. And yes, they all got little chubbies at the thought of using Xtian values to stave off change and stack the Supreme Courtesans.

    The Rove thing: Just another frenzy of let’s spin for the truth. And truth is manufactured by those who won, back when they drew the unpopular side of a question, on the high school debate team. “Truth” is what we believe in the end, if we can identify the black and white of the issue.

    Faith in god, the Right religion, our government?
    I believe that a little proof never hurt anybody’s faith.
    What is your leper?

  5. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Mary Skrenes wrote
    [blockquote]I “know” that black and white are the same thing. [/blockquote]
    Well, as Douglas Adams might say, be careful around zebra crossings!