And By Opposing…

It’s a strange time. A lot of people I know are in trouble right now — financial difficulties, computer disasters, marital debacles, medical woes.

The gastroenterologist wants to put me on a steroid that makes you inflate like a dirigible. I told her no. I’d sooner take one shot in the arm and go to sleep quietly.

There’s got to be another way, for me and all my storm-tossed friends riding this sea of troubles.

Anybody got a sextant?

7 Responses to “And By Opposing…”

  1. David Medinnus Says:

    Well, lets start by getting rid of the tumor in the White House, and getting someone in who actually understands economic issues, rather than the Voodoo theory that if you maximize profits for corporate America, that somehow that’ll incent them to spread the resulting good fortune instead of just taking higher dividends…

  2. Rachel I. Says:

    spread the resulting good fortune

    Mr. Medinnus, I dare say that’s a myth these days… even outside of government.

  3. Forrest Says:

    “Reader, suppose you have a computer. And suppose you have a disaster. But I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain 2.0

    What specifics, if one may inquire?

  4. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    Well, for a start let me apologize for having not taken the issues you raised for depression thoroughly enough. Or so it appeared. It wasn’t my intention to minimize anything, and I am sorry for the gastric problems you have had and the bad weather you’re experiencing in Vegas. At least you don’t have humidity (I guess).
    Please, do not waste your energies over politics, economy, religious fundamentalists. Do all your best to actually rest and have time and silence for yourself.
    The only additional thing I feel safe saying is weblog writing is a double-edged sword, so don’t feel obliged to write if you don’t feel so.
    A hug.

  5. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    The gastroenterologist wants to put me on a steroid that makes you inflate like a dirigible. I told her no.

    Well, that confirms to me what you are referring to. Have you tried aloe vera juice?

  6. Mark Bernstein Says:

    If, by chance, what you’re fighting is ulcerative colitis, then yes, aloe vera juice can be helpful. But, speaking as someone who’s had it for most of my life, I’d add two comments. First, the steroids are about as bad as you think but they do work, and you do go off them after a while. Second, ask your doctor about Asacol. It’s an anti-inflammatory, and it can make a huge difference in the long term.

    Good luck.

  7. Steve Gerber Says:

    Mark: It is ulcerative colitis. I’m already past Colazol and Pentasa, all the way to Remicade.