Haunted Wind

Still…repercussing, but feeling a little better. Attempted solid food today. Actually left the house for an hour or so after the sun went down. So far, so good.

Random thoughts: The heat is starting to break in Las Vegas and the local news is warning of thunderstorms to come. The wind that precedes those storms is already blowing.

I always find that particular wind a little eerie, ghostly, like the breath of the undead. Dessicated memories traveling on scorched air.

When that wind blows, I’m reminded that Las Vegas is a repository of mysteries for me — a place where strange ideas are born and relationships (yes, plural) are prone to die horribly.

Remnants of my emotional past sweep back into town on that weird wind off the desert. The storms follow. Then the void.

(Yeah, I know — I’m a little nuts. )

3 Responses to “Haunted Wind”

  1. Forrest Says:

    Primordial, I hope…

    “While it does not contain anything in a concrete manifest form, it seems to comprise all of existence in a potential form.” — S. Grof

  2. Richard Beland Says:

    No, Tom “brainwashing cult member” Cruise is nuts.

    Remember the conversation between Dr. Laslo Schact, psychiatrist, and Darrel (the clown) in MAN-THING No.6:

    Darrel: “Then I am insane, huh?”

    Doc: “Don’t be an idiot! Insanity is defined by its cultural milieu. This is America — 1951! That makes you normal!”

    Well, this is Earth, 2005. As long as you don’t do something that’ll get you on the six o’clock news — especially the celebrity news — you might be reasonably sane.

  3. Alistair Says:

    Not to me. Beautiful writing, Steve.