You may have noticed my near silence over the past couple of weeks.

There’s a lot going on.

Mostly it has to do with battling blockage and drubbing deadlines — an uphill battle — but there have also been some health issues that I’ve been hesitant to discuss.

When I finish up the script I’m writing now, I’ll post the good news and the — well, not *bad*, exactly — more like “suspenseful” news. And the stuff about Zauriel and Doctor Fate that we haven’t gotten around to discussing. (Argh.)

I’d also appreciate it if loyal readers would nag me to post *something* here every day, even if it’s just three whining lines about not getting enough sleep to write anything.

15 Responses to “BRB”

  1. Don Alsafi Says:

    Glad to hear things are keeping you busy, Steve. Even gladder to hear of Doctor Fate. Is the “good news” in question more of the same? Is there more comics work coming from you in our future?

    Also: Shortly after the news broke about Hard Time’s cancellation, several readers suggested you try out the IDW route that’s worked so well for Peter David & Fallen Angel. I seem to recall you saying you were going to check into that; did you have a chance? Or is Hard Time sadly done? (If so, it was great while it lasted….)

  2. James Blair Says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s three whining lines.

    Mebbe you could devote them to the not the real duck travesty Marvel printed a month or so ago.

    Just got the new Defenders Essential volume with the start of your run. These really were fun times.

    All the best, hope you get some good news on the health front . All these cryptic messages are foreboding stuff. Time for an old crank to get an even break.

    Oh and if you have never read any of them try a few of Martin Miller’s books, the book rather than the comics writer. Scottish author. His Good Fairies of New York is about to be re-issued and is about as much fun you can get from an excursion into print.

  3. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    OK, it’s time to play….

    Songs about writing songs!!!

    I’ll start: “25 OR 6 TO 4” by Chicago.

  4. Starocotes Says:

    I’m actually reluictant to nag you to write 3 lines a day here because this are 3 lines less you can write for comics 😀

    I really hope that the health issues are not that bad as they sound and can be fixed somehow.

    I can’t wait to get some more info about Dr. Fate and the ongoing series.

  5. Starocotes Says:

    I have another question regarding Dr. Fate that I haven’t seen asked anywhere else: The Detective Chimp Cover and now the Black Alice Cover both seemed to feature the half-helmet that Dr. Fate was using for a time and that only gave him some basic superpowers which had nothing to do with magic. Which helmet will be used in the ongoing series?

  6. Steve Gerber Says:

    Starocotes: “Which helmet will be used in the ongoing series?”

    Both. In fact, they’re the same helmet. (The old half-helmet rules no longer apply, by the way.)

  7. Starocotes Says:

    Oh, that’s quite enough. This means you will explain some things and probably retcon some things. I’m content with finding out things piecemeal.

  8. Steve Gerber Says:

    No retconning. The “Tenth Age of Magic” concept gives us an opportunity to start fresh with the character. We’re not erasing prior continuity, but we won’t be referring to it much.

  9. Tom Walker Says:

    I obliged myself to write a long story recently..possibly the longest plot I’ve ever bothered to attempt.

    Two months in and I’m practically climbing the wall with it.. it seems so easy going in and then the writer’s blocks become proportional to the perceived success of the previous chapter.. the happier I am with what has gone before the more hellish the next chapter to complete to my satisfaction..

    but like sex, the payoffs are delicious, though short lived. I spend more time cooking down powerful ideas until they’re somewhere between edible, and mush..

    Just my Share, here.. I dont envy you comic writers one bit! haha

  10. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Chronic health stuff is a drag. I injured my back 3 1/2 years ago and, dispite surgury last fall, am still dealing with chronic pain. It is mentally and emotionally draining as well as sneaky in the fact that chronic issues can affect our mood and creativity almost without our full comprehension. I got sucked down into an unhealthy place for a period of time… not fun.

    Know that the offer remains open as far as the consulting gig.

  11. Brian Spence Says:

    Great to see you back, Steve! I miss your posts (still check the site every day), and I’ll try to bug you more often to keep at it.

  12. mister_pj Says:

    I was listening to an interview with David Sedaris once. The interviewer asked him if he had some kind of ritual to how he went about writing and whether or not he wrote each and every day. Sedaris response was illuminating. He said while he doesn’t work on a story each and every day, he writes. Whether it be a letter to a friend, or something along those lines, he puts pen to paper so to speak. The point being while he may not have a singular purpose or goal he is working towards he makes it a point to limber up the muscles. Maybe you should think of the blog as something like that?

  13. Marc Bryant Says:

    Yes, please do try and post every day. The more you and my other favorite bloggers right, the less I have to. So you’d be procrastinating vicariously at least. What an age of miracles we live. Hope the health issues work out for you.

  14. Marc Bryant Says:

    Oh brother, that should be “the more you…WRITE, the less I have to”.

  15. Starocotes Says:

    @Marc Bryant: Perhaps a freudian slip? 🙂