Monday, Monday

Odd day.

One of my cats is sick. One of my friends is going through some major emotional upheavals. One of my brain cells is functioning…I think. (Or it does.)

Tuesday should be more productive.

Songs About Writing Songs? “I Write the Songs” is pretty much the definitive answer, isn’t it? (Read the comments to my previous post, and this will make sense. Of a sort.)

15 Responses to “Monday, Monday”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    You are really doing it? *gasp* And even more then 3 lines.

    What kind of cat do you have? I hope it isn’t too sick. Our “Tuerkish Angora” (no clue what it is in english) is thankfully very healthy.

  2. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    I grew up adoring Manilow’s music and as a high school student in the mid-1980’s it was a very closely guarded secret…. how I was able to internally rationalize my love for Manilow at the same time that I was digging RATT and Quiet Riot, I’ll never fully be able to explain.

  3. Micah Says:

    “Across the Universe”.

  4. Bob Kennedy Says:

    “The Hook,” Blues Traveler

    Not sure about nagging you, Steve. There’s a fine line between badgering you to write something, and badgering you to write more about the lame topics I, personally, am interested in.

  5. mister_pj Says:

    I am sorry one of your kitties is not feeling well – they are the warm engines of affection which keep us going.

  6. petetheretailer Says:

    When I finish up the script I’m writing now, I’ll post the good news and the — well, not bad, exactly — more like “suspenseful” news. And the stuff about Zauriel and Doctor Fate that we haven’t gotten around to discussing.

    We’re going to hold you to that.

  7. petetheretailer Says:

    (Although obviously the health of yourself, your friends and your pets should take precedence.)

  8. Richard Bensam Says:

    I would have said pretty much every Who album starting with Who’s Next has a Pete Townshend song about writing a song.

    And “I Write The Songs” was written by Bruce Johnston, not Barry Manilow, and it was written about Brian Wilson.

  9. Charles Bryan Says:

    Steve, blog when you can and when you feel like it — I think we’ll all understand. If we don’t, remind us that we ain’t exactly paying admission here.

    As for a song about songwriting, here’s one (sort of) — “I Never Wrote Those Songs,” recorded by the one-and-only accept-no-substitute Alice Cooper and featured on his “Lace and Whiskey” album.

    Ahh, The Coop. Sweet memories.

    Looking forward to Doctor Fate!

  10. Steve Gerber Says:

    Just to be clear: I didn’t say I *liked* “I Write the Songs”. I just meant it would be difficult to find a more definitive song about writing songs. It’s also one of the definitive songs about self-congratulation, of course.

  11. Bob Kennedy Says:

    “Songwriter” by the Good Rats (who are monstrously famous on Long Island, I hear).

    Come to think of it, there have been lots of comic book stories about comic book writers, from “Scribbly” to “Dan Pussey.” Seem to recall a few by Steve as well…

  12. Joaquim Says:

    Steve, what do you think of Alan Moore?

    I was reading some zombie comics by you yesterdat, from the seventies. You mention something along the lines of being beaten up by bikers or something? What was that? The zombie title seemed fun to do. Was it?

    A question about writing: how is your writing routine? Do you outline everything before starting, all the scenes, etc? How does it work for you? You work from what time to what time? Do you write on WORD software or something else?


  13. Steve Gerber Says:

    I think Alan Moore is among the most brilliant writers ever to work in comics. His stuff frequently leaves me awestruck.

    I recently reread the Zombie stories myself. (They’ve been reprinted in a Marvel *Essential Tales of the Zombie* collection.) My reaction was…complicated. They still have a certain charm about them, but they’re clearly the work of a writer whose style was in its formative stages.

  14. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    I just wish he hadn’t stolen from SUPER FOLKS so much (I believe I bought SUPER FOLKS and GIANT-SIZED MAN-THING #3 & #4 on the same trip to the same bookstore).

  15. Forrest Says:

    And then there are songs about not writing songs, such as “Antiprocrastination Song” by the metal parody band Stormtroopers Of Death. (It’s two words long…)

    Unrelatedly, searching YouTube for “yellow matter custard” turns up interesting things.