Fox Attacks: Black America

The fairness and balance are enough to make you weep — or throw bombs.

9 Responses to “Fox Attacks: Black America”

  1. Bart Lidofsky Says:

    Didn’t you notice the MANY cuts in this, including parts of one sentence being pasted on to others? Responses to statements that you are not hearing?

    Consider, just taking from your last blog:

    ” I finished the script I was writing…Phew…I crashed…at the walls… Depleting myself utterly …will leave time for a little blogging.”

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    It’s an audial collage, edited for effect. This is fair use, and an example of YouTube being useful for something more elevated than its usual function: showing fat girls crashing on minibikes.

  3. Rachel Says:

    Wow. I’m physical ill now. Though not at all surprised.

  4. Micah Says:

    The last comment in the clip is definitely out of any context. We aren’t given any information about the Cynthia McKinney case. The host did say “in this particular case” in his comment. Hard to judge that particular segment without knowing more.

    I understand it is edited for effect. I think in that last case the effect would be obfuscation.

    But I don’t think a white person could get away with some of the comments made by these African American guests in any context. Especially saying that African Americans lack “moral character”. Why are these comments more palatable coming from them?

  5. Brian Spence Says:

    Yes, there were many edits in this, but it’s also true that it’s a goal of the Republican party to demean and downplay black leaders because they’re supportive of the Democratic party. I know Rove and co are salivating at the thought of taking some of the black vote. A popular message by them is that blacks are being kept as “slaves” by their Democratic masters who are just “holding them back” and “keeping them on welfare”, etc.

    Thanks for the link, Steve. I’d already seen it yesterday.

  6. Steve Gerber Says:

    Bart: “‘” I finished the script I was writing…Phew…I crashed…at the walls… Depleting myself utterly …will leave time for a little blogging.’”

    Uh, yeah — but that still sounds pretty *accurate* to me.

    Even quoting me completely out of context, I suspect you’d have a hard time making me sound like a wholly owned ideological subsidiary of the Republcan party, which is all Fox really is. It’s a propaganda outlet, not a news organization.

    You know, I doubt that ten thousand examples like this would change the opinion of even a single viewer whose psychological makeup demands that s/he believe Fox News, but that’s okay. If this stuff lights a fire under the opposition, it’s doing its job.

  7. Jim Bosomworth Says:

    Sometimes I wonder why Fox doesn’t hire Michael Savage as a commentator. He might make the rest of their programming seem downright moderate. Oh, well, what should we expect? Wasn’t it another Fox employee who argued last year that white people should have more babies so we didn’t lose the majority? On another note, are there any real news programs available, with the possible exception of the BBC?

  8. Gordon Kent Says:

    yes, Jim… Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

  9. Pat Nolan Says:

    Jumping in a bit late but I have to comment on the double standards and voluminous amounts of Hypocrisy that some folks just cant seem to get away from.
    You guys are hysterical. You seem to forget that absolutly all of main stream media is in bed with the democrats. (Paging Mr. Rather)
    Fox tells it like it is. Where else do you hear about the 93 U.S. attorneys Clinton fired? Not a word from Mr Rather but we must investigate Bush’s 8 federal procecutors.