More Fate Thoughts Momentarily

I had been looking forward to posting something more about Doctor Fate after I finished the script I was writing.

Unfortunately, I crashed instead — spent the entire weekend either asleep or staring slack-jawed at the walls. Didn’t go anywhere, didn’t even talk to anyone until Sunday night. Phew.

But it was a good kind of exhaustion and left me eager to tackle the next script, which I’ll begin later today.

Depleting myself utterly on each script doesn’t seem like a very salubrious strategy for either myself or the schedule of the book, so I’m going to try to manage my energy a little better on this next one. Hopefully, that will leave time for a little blogging as well as the work on the script.

Amazing, the stuff I’m having to relearn…

2 Responses to “More Fate Thoughts Momentarily”

  1. Doc Martian Says:

    will ‘spring heeled jack’ make an appearance?

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Well, Steve, if the glory of being a comic book writer has any currency left at all, your last post probably killed it. You make writing Dr. Fate sound like that heroin withdrawal scene from Trainspotting!