Doctor Fate Q&A

I’ll try to answer one question a day while I’m working on these scripts.

This one’s from Neil Bradbury:

I was wondering whether the Fate book would be rooted firmly within the DCU and it’s myriad crossovers, or whether you’re going to be allowed some degree of independence?

I asked for six issues to establish the character as a single act before involving Doctor Fate with the Justice Society of America again. So far I’ve been left alone to do just that.

As I’ve probably mentioned here before, I *want* Doctor Fate to appear with the JSA again evemtually, not only in deference to the character’s roots but also to attract new readers to the solo title.

More tomorrow…

4 Responses to “Doctor Fate Q&A”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    Another question from me: The rescheduling was rumored to be in part because the Dr. Fate book had to be fit in with something other that happens in the DCU. Is that just an unfounded rumor or is there some truth to that and can you tell us more?

  2. Steve Gerber Says:

    Unfounded rumor. It had to be fit in with various people’s schedules, but not any continuity events.

  3. Charles Bryan Says:

    That’s a good plan — although I think DC’s been doing the first part (keeping them on their own) with most of the character relaunches recently. However, if they did show up in some other places, it might generate more interest in them.

    But Steve — first you say that you won’t be here much, and now you say you’ll be here every day! You haven’t been brain-switched with one of my old girlfriends have you?

    God, that means every issue of Dr. Fate will have him talking endlessly about previous readers that he claims to no longer care for, but it’s obvious that he can’t get over them.

    Just my luck.

  4. Herbie Poon Says:

    Really looking forward to this book. “Hard Time” is gonna be difficult to follow, tho… that was the best comic since “Sandman” or “Shade.”