Doctor Fate Q&A – 2

From Forrest:

Could you give us a mission-statement type quotation for people who don’t read comics anymore but are open-minded?

DOCTOR FATE should appeal to anyone who believes real life can be its own mystical experience.

How’s that?

4 Responses to “Doctor Fate Q&A – 2”

  1. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    Wow, based on thew character’s profession, I’d say that is more than appropriate.

  2. Stefan Immel Says:

    Another question from me:

    You said somewhere on here that your Dr. Fate will have clear defined powers and each spell he uses will have the same effect each time.
    I guess you will maintain some kind of “spellbook” for your own reference, will you have an online version of this as well or is that up to us fans?

  3. Forrest Says:

    Suitably cryptic! 🙂

    (joke style=”code: rot13; type: xx-lame;”)Ur gubhtug ur jnf zhaqnar, ohg vg ghearq bhg ur jnf…Zlfgvp Xrag!(/joke)

  4. beau Says:

    The joke, kinda lame. But what’s really lame is the quickest way I could figure to do a rot13 is cut-paste the source in cell a1 of openoffice.calc, then in b1 enter =rot13(a1). Sheesh.