Mental Goo-Gone?

I think something may have been jarred loose Saturday night, including a couple of long-held and erroneous preconceptions about my very own self.

We’ll see…

My sincerest thanks to the individual responsible.

5 Responses to “Mental Goo-Gone?”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    Will he (or she) get creadits for that in the corresponding Dr. Fate (or Coundown to Mystery) issue?

  2. Bob Kennedy Says:

    You’re handling these burdens with terrific dignity, Steve.

  3. mister_pj Says:


    I finally got a chance to read through some posts.

    The UC stuff is tough to deal with on it’s own never mind the other things. When you had undergone the Angioplasty, I had imagined things would be getting much, much better healthwise and you would find it transformative in terms of having a lot more energy. The fibrosis is jarring news to say the least.

    If I could pass along one thing which might sound somewhat simplistic it would be to try and put it from your mind – the worrying under such circumstances doesn’t do you any good and won’t change things. If you can, try to keep a positive outlook, you should know people have you in their prayers and are pulling for you.

    Time is precious and a tthe very least be sure to do something you enjoy (treat yourself well) each and every day.

    Again, you are in my prayers.

  4. Claudio Piccinini Says:

    I’m almost never around here, but you are very often on my mind.

    I pray for you and I prefer to say nothing, since words are heavy and have the ability of creating a vacuum.

    A hug,

  5. Lea Says:

    Dude. I just read your entry about the US and the PF. Dayum.
    I don’t like vacuuming, and dread the bathrooms (no matter what, I end up with hairs that WILL. NOT. WIPE. OFF.)
    But loading the dishwasher? Good times! No matter what else I accomplish, I have a clean bowl for the cereal and a clean mug for the coffee.

    I appreciate your posting about the health issues. I don’t hold back much talking about mine. I know I am insatiably curious, and assume others are, too. At the very least, it demystifies disease. In doing so, it takes away fear from ignorance, and helps people gain the sensitivity they need to not say, “Hey! Have a positive attitude!”
    (Which makes me want to say, “Hey! I’m positive I’d like you to fuck off!”)

    Anyway, good writing to you! You are in my thoughts.