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I’m told DC will be making its announcement about Doctor Fate today at the convention in Philadelphia. At least a couple of the news sites will be covering it, and we can discuss it here after it’s all official.

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  1. Starocotes Says:

    Can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait…..

  2. Starocotes Says:


    So here is the first tidbit:

    Countdown to Mystery was announced, which follows the same two-feature format of Countdown to Adventure. Steve Gerber will write a story on the helmet of Fate, and Eclipso will be featured in the backup stories by Matt Sturges.

    Eclipso? Wouldn’t have thought of that. That’s very interesting with all the happens to Mary Marvel recently.

    So now we have to wait for the rest.

  3. Charles Bryan Says:

    Thanks for the link, Starocotes!

    Well, now we know the backup feature! I’m not familiar with Sturges’ or Segovia’s work, but it looks like I will be in the near future.

    I hope when I look for more on the book at Newsarama later today, some kind DC soul will have announced a freakin’ release date! And also some correction as to the series being about the “Helmet of Fate”. And also whether it’s intended to be an ongoing series.

    Of course, based on what’s being stated about Flash #13, I guess “ongoing” is a relative term.

  4. narm00 Says:

    Matt Sturges is the co-writer on DC/Vertigo’s ‘Jack of Fables’, with Bill Willingham. The Eclipso backups look to be his first solo stint as a comics writer.

  5. Steve Gerber Says:

    The “helmet of Fate” reference was, of course, an error. Somebody probably said something about the new series following up on the one-shots and was misinterpreted.

    COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY is a limited series. Eight issues. For the first three, “Doctor Fate” will run twenty-two pages and “Eclipso” sixteen. For issues 4-8, the page count will flip, with Eclipso becoming the longer feature. Believe it or not, I take that as a compliment. They’re trying to accommodate me and my damn illness. I think that says something about how much DC likes the material. Under ordinary circumstances, they’d probably have put another writer on the project by now.

    If COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY does well, of course, there’s always the possibility of spinning off Doctor Fate into a title of his own — or, for that matter, continuing the dual-feature book under a slightly different title.

    I answered a few interview questions for Newsarama and for IGN Comics yesterday. Some more specifics should be appearing on those sites shortly — some artwork, too, I think.

  6. Starocotes Says:

    There it is:


    It’s not so good to hear it will only be a limited series, but it’s better then nothing and perfectly understandable with your illness. So we all hope you will get better soon and be able to make an ongoing out of it after the limited has run it’s course.

  7. Starocotes Says:

    One thing I was wondering about is the fact that the picture in the announcement clearly shows the “new” Dr. Fate and it also shows the Tower. So I guess he WILL get use the tower but it sems to be somewhere in the grand canyon now.

    Here is the pic:

  8. Bgztl (Jack Holt) Says:

    Well, this is very good news to me. I would much rather read a well-thought out and timed story than have the title struggle to change course in mid-stream or fight deadlines.

    The cover image by Justiniano is VERY striking and I have high hopes for the series.

    In concept, I think this Doctor Fate will relate well to modern audiences and the art seems to be a fan -favorite. Looking at this cover reminded me of something that happened over thirty years ago.

    When I first picked up Detective Comics featuring Manhunter as a back up story, I didn’t quite get Walt Simonson’s highly stylized art. . . or where Archie Goodwin could possibly be going with it all. The story seemed so detached from everything else and nothing was obvious right away. When you’re eight patience never seems like a virtue.

    By the end, though, I couldn’t get enough of it. Obviously Manhunter was never going to take over Detective Comics and the Manhunter series was intended to do something unique — it was supposed to end!! But WHAT an ending!! Simonson and Goodwin had this weird groove going on where it all came together like magic by the end.

    Here’s hoping Doctor Fate hits it big and that Countdown to Mystery is just the first of a long line of Doctor Fate stories!!

    Now, if DC would just get me the Doctor Fate Archive they keep promising me and then rescheduling, I’ll be a happy Fate-fan. . . . . They say July, but I don’t believe it until I see it!!


  9. David Says:

    Wow. Just found out about your illness. Going to contribute to Hero Initiative, too. Love your work. Looking forward to Doctor Fate. You’re in my thoughts and prayers too.