For those who haven’t yet seen it on Newsarama, here’s the Justiniano cover of COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #1, the new dual-feature title that will star Doctor Fate and Eclipso.

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Although it symbolically portrays Doctor Fate’s tower and amulet, we won’t be seeing either of those two things in the actual story for quite awhile. As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, our new Doctor Fate will be acquiring his knowledge of magic — and its accoutrements — gradually, over time.

If that seems disappointing, consider the bright side. You’ll actually be on hand when he finds the amulet and when the tower is built — and the tower no longer looks like a big granite tuning fork.

21 Responses to “COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #1”

  1. gordon Says:

    Actually I’m delighted — that this is a dual book (brings back the 60’s and Captain America and Iron Man sharing a book and many others.

    I’m also delighted that I’ll be following Fate as he learns his abilities, etc. Since I’ve never read Dr Fate before I know nothing about him or his tower or amulet and therefore it would be very difficult to come in “in the middle of the movie.”

    I look forward to the first of many issues.

  2. Starocotes Says:

    Aha, so he WILL get a Tower and even the amulett. So many questions!!!

    Will we see the amulett and the tower in CtM or have you even planed something after the mini has run it’s course?

    What about the “people” in the amulett? (at least it was the amulett most of the time where the ghosts resided)

    Is the cloak considered an artifact of power to as it was the case with the Fate series? (Can’t quite remmeber how it was handled in the other books)

    Where there allready talks about an ongoing series if you feel better?

  3. Lord Nabu Says:

    That’s a brilliant image, though I did like the old cover as well.

    I’m looking very much forward to reading this.

  4. Starocotes Says:

    Another question

    Is ther a version of the cover pic that is NOT cropped? Or did Justiniano drew (no, not J.D.) it in thosae boundaries?

  5. T. Martin Says:

    Oooh, that cover’s gorgeous. I wish you all the best of luck with both your health and the series, Steve. I’ll do what I can about the latter by buying it. 🙂

  6. Fred Chamberlain Says:

    I’m disappointed that this series isn’t currently being planned as an ongoing. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the story plays out! Congrats on the publication date finally being announced and the results of your hard work coming to fruition. Hope you are doing well.

  7. Brian Spence Says:

    That’s interesting. From a marketing perspective, I think it will be a good move. Hopefully it’ll stay on the racks for a long time. Did you have any trouble doing rewrites to get it to fit the new format? Neat cover. Well balanced.

  8. Brian Spence Says:

    By the way, love the new “buttons to nowhere”.

  9. Charles Bryan Says:

    While I wish it was planned as an ongoing, I’ll be a glass half-full kind of human and be glad that we’re getting eight issues. And, in a way, the split-book format works out for you, letting you do shorter scripts later in the run. Either way, it’ll fit nicely into a trade collection one day.

    It sounds like DC’s been flexible with you and supportive of the projects, which are both good things.

    Does this mean that the Gulacy cover will only be a happy memory for those of us who saw it?

    Assuming that the new Doctor Fate is still located in Las Vegas, is there a chance that the new tower will be built by Wynn? Will there be fountains? Will there be neon? Will there be fountains of neon?

  10. Scott Rowland Says:

    Steve, Glad to hear that this is coming out, and I love the split book format from the 60s, so this will be pretty cool — although I think a secret agent backup would have been more appropriate.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems. You’re in my prayers.

  11. Jack Zall Says:

    You say “big granite tuning fork” like it’s a bad thing…

    And I’m sold on that cover alone — great design, tremendously dynamic and be-yay-ootee-ful! A damn fine substitute for the Gulacy.

    And I think it’s time I put the internet down and go outside, ’cause I just spent the entire 2:37 of Nina Simone’s “I Put A Spell On You” giddily clicking the “buttons to nowhere” over and over.

  12. Steve Gerber Says:

    Will answer as many questions as I can (or am inclined to) shortly. Right now, a couple of friends are helping me put my office in order for the first time in a year and a half. Many books are now in bookshelves rather than boxes. With the boxes gone, I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping, and yet the seeing is so much better than the awful uncertainty of not knowing…!

    Uh, anyway… more to follow.

  13. Lord Nabu Says:

    NO NO NO, you must NEVER clear the floor, it is a recipe for disaster! 😉

    Though it is nice to get the books on shelves…

    looking forward to hearing more.

  14. Starocotes Says:

    NO NO NO, you must NEVER clear the floor, it is a recipe for disaster! 😉

    Only if you have a dog, a cat, a 2 year old kid and a husband who is very clumsy (me).

  15. Forrest Says:

    If I spill mushrooms on the floor and clean them up, is that a recipe for disaster with mushrooms, or without?

    Is the good doctor actually doing a barrel roll in that picture?

    Is the V in Kent V. Nelson an allusion to the Fate-knocking motif in Beethoven 5 (…_ = V in Morse code) or just a lucky coincidence?

  16. Bgztl (Jack Holt) Says:

    At last!!

    Steve, I know you have a lot going on right now. Sadly, most of that I can’t help you with. O truly wish I could.

    But I’ve aways admired you as a writer and as a person. Thank for taking on my favorite comics hero again. . . . and good luck!!

    With everything!!

    I’ll buy two copies. Since I don’t have a degree in medicine it’s both the least and the most I can do.

    Good luck and give ’em hell.

  17. Steve Gerber Says:

    Bgztl: Actually, there is one more thing you could do — recommend the book to other fans on any blogs and boards you frequent. Of course, you’ll be recommending something you haven’t seen yet, so just suggest that folks drop in here and read some of our discussions about the book. You can mention that there’s information available here that hasn’t appeared elsewhere.

  18. Eric Gonzales Says:

    Wonderful book ! I’m a longtime Doctor Fate fan. Take Doctor Fate to other known dimensions like wildstorm, Tim Hunter’s world. You can also add the magical starheart, the lantern of mystical fire to the storyline.

  19. Bgztl (Jack Holt) Says:

    My reputation as a shameless shill for Doctor Fate may undercut my recommendation, but. . . I’ll be sure to let people know once it’s come out.

    Good luck again.

  20. Steve Gerber Says:

    Jack: When they start to roll their eyes, sing out in a chipper baritone: “But wait! There’s more!” Then hit ’em with Eclipso!

  21. Mario Di Giacomo Says:

    Huh… his cape looks weird, almost shredded. Is that part of his new look? It reminds me a bit of Ditko’s Hawk (of Hawk & Dove)