Yeah, It’s Been Awhile…

…and I’ve been up all night working, so this will have to be short.

A few tidbits:

  • Killhead also appears in COUNTDOWN TO MYSTERY #5, after something terrible happens to Inza.
  • I see the cardiologist this afternoon to firm up plans for the angiogram that UCLA requested. Tentative date for that procedure is November 1st.
  • I need to lose thirty or so pounds. Fast. Expect to hear much whining and complaining over the next few months as I try to accomplish this. It’s my little holiday gift to you.
  • The weather is changing, and my moods are getting weird again. They always do at this time of year. I’ll try to make productive use of them.
  • I look better with black hair.
  • That’s it. When I think of something more interesting to say, I’ll be back.

5 Responses to “Yeah, It’s Been Awhile…”

  1. Whirlochre Says:

    Nice to hear that you miss black hair. Personally, I miss having any at all. Not that my Tull-twirled locks have entirely vanished – it’s just that the only time I get to think of them these days is when stubborn remains of them clog up the shower every three or so years. In our youth, we can never see the point of sink plungers, and in our supposed inevitable doom, lack the power to wield them with good heart.

    Anyhow – glad to have found you on the net. Howard was always an obscure kind of fowl and took some tracking down in my youth, but despite many parental appeals to “get my priorities right” regarding the spending of my pocket money, I always made sure HTD won out over donning serious trousers.

    If you’re forced by virtue of dumb morality to be spending more of your time than you would wish listening to cardiologists and less spawnulating the swirl of your mortal brain from the comfort of your favourite hand-wrought raison d’etre, then, despite the spurious interconnectednessless of cyberspace, be sure as you read this that I’m thinking of you.

    Means nothing, means everything – as always.

  2. Jim Bosomworth Says:

    If you’re a soda drinker, cutting back on that will drop the weight fairly quickly. In fact, if you can reduce your consumption of high fructose corn syrup (the stuff that’s everywhere), it’ll really show. Tea with sugar. The rest the doctors probably told you. Good luck!

  3. Stephen Abrams Says:

    Don’t worry about complaining to us about your diet. If you can’t complain to people on the internet, who can you complain to?

  4. Joaquim Says:

    Hey Steve, nice to see you are working good, and you sound good spirited as well!

    Looking forward to reading your new stuff!

    You once mentioned maybe writing a small message about something I mentioned here once, regarding the generation of writers and readers from the 70s and 80s which I think people like you inspired and helped shape – certainly you shaped me much more than, say, my biology teachers – just wishing for/thinking out that it would be a joy to read a post about any thoughts you might have regarding this subject and your generation of artists and writers!

    Keep it going, you can and will lose weight. I have lost over 70 pounds! I was really heavy a few years ago. Just keep in mind you gotta do it and try not eating too much at night. A nice salad will do fine, but beware of the dressing you use!

    Very best!


  5. jb Says:

    I lost a decent amount of weight in the past year. I never try to lose more than 1-2 lbs a week. I switched to 5-6 meals a day in smaller portions than I was used to and it sped up my metabolism a ton. I try to never go more than 4 hours without eating at least something. Of course, a little exercise a day helps a lot with metabolism too.

    I also cut out all HFCS and cut down on sugar. I drink mostly water and unsweetened tea.

    The most important thing though was learning about the glycemic index – I highly recommend looking into it for anyone looking to lose weight. It’s not a crazy diet or anything even like the Atkins stuff. It’s just that certain foods raise your blood sugar faster than others, which floods your body with insulin and turns on the “store calories” switch. Also some foods, especially high fiber ones, can actually slow down this effect in other foods and keep you in “burn calories” mode for longer periods. I try to only eat 100% whole wheat products when I can.

    I actually don’t avoid fats that much like most people do, just saturated/hydrogenated ones. Healthy fats are way too good for your brain and cells to cut them out. I eat a lot of flax since I don’t eat fish.