Fibrosis du Lac

Robert Goulet goes to the hospital with the same damn thing I’ve got.

Apparently, his condition is considerably more advanced.

The doctors, though, seem upbeat about the prognosis.

Hang in there, Lancelot.  I need all the role models I can get.

6 Responses to “Fibrosis du Lac”

  1. Bob Kennedy Says:

    Jeez, why couldn’t it have been someone cool, like Peter Fonda or Jackie Chan? You just can’t catch a break, Steve!

  2. RAB Says:

    First, Robert Goulet is cool.

    Second, I thought of you immediately when I heard about this, Steve. Naturally I’m rooting for both of you. I remember when my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at just about the same time Michael J. Fox went public with his own Parkinsonism. Believe you me, Fox immediately became Celebrity Hero Number One in our family: we were vicariously pleased by every good thing he accomplished, and took offense at every wrong done to him. (Rot in hell, Limbaugh.) Did we need a famous person to explain the condition to us, or to make what my father was going through more real? Of course not. Was it comforting that someone in the public eye was putting a human face on this condition, and allowing others to get even a small idea of what it was like to witness a loved one coping with it? Did it make the world feel like a slightly more sympathetic place for a while? Oh yes indeed.

    So hell yeah, I’m wishing the best for Goulet right now.

  3. Steve Gerber Says:

    I’ve decided to be the one person in America who doesn’t consider coolness — or hotness — important.

  4. Starocotes Says:

    Oh, come on Steve. You can’t contradict the prejusdice of nearly every german.

  5. Scott Andrew Hutchins Says:

    I just heard about Goulet’s passing this morning. Let’s hope that that is far in the future for Steve.

  6. ericka Says:

    just a stranger wishing you the best. i think you and Robert Goulet are cool.