Techie Temptations

For some reason, I’m getting curious about techie stuff again. I’ve been using WordPress, the software that runs this blog, at barely more than novice level, and I’m starting to wonder what else it’s capable of and how much of it I could understand and utilize. I’d like to add a polling system and a real discussion board, for example.

Talking with Mark Evanier in Los Angeles a few weeks ago also re-piqued my interest in the comic book script template I wrote many years ago for Microsoft Word. I released a much earlier version of it publicly, but I’ve kept the current one under wraps because there are just too many rough edges. *I* know how to cope with or circumvent its quirks, but I wouldn’t inflict them on some innocent writer who actually expects software to *work*.

Anyway, I consider this renewed interest in matters geeky a very positive development. At this point in my existence, I consider curiosity about *anything* a positive development.

3 Responses to “Techie Temptations”

  1. Starocotes Says:

    If you do need a good and free discussion board I can recommend phpBB ( And I also think that it’s a great sign that you show such interest. Regardless what age you are, the inablitiy to show interest in anything is allways a bad sign. It results in lethargy and in the inablitiy to really do something.

  2. Alex Krislov Says:

    I hadn’t realized you’d lost interest in techstuff. You were always my avatar in the pantheon on that, and taught me to dig into the inards of the PC when I broke away from MacLand. Getting back into it? Good for you. But remember: there is no such thing as “software that works.” There is only software that we haven’t completely exploited yet.

  3. Tom Walker Says:

    Following a line of thought on from Comic Script templates, I’m always surprised to have never come across generic TV/Movie Script templates in MS Word. It isn’t as though the measurements haven’t been around for decades, and since there is a general belief that such dimensions yield an average of one page to one minute screen time, they don’t seem ready for a major revamp in the immediate future..

    Perhaps I’m not up to date with current thinking here, in which case I would appreciate an appropriate URL or two to point me in a more useful direction.

    [I am old enough, however, to admire any design standard that resists the modern compulsion for remorseless change! 🙂 ]