First Weigh-In

Starting weight: 215.

Current weight: 210.

2 Responses to “First Weigh-In”

  1. Brian Spence Says:

    How tall are you Steve? We’re the same weight at the moment (I’m 6’3″). I assume this is on doctor’s orders, right?

    I started working out about a month ago, and I look and feel so much better. I’ve found that the number one thing you HAVE to do is get your workout done first thing in the morning. I always procrastinate if I decide to do it after work. It’s the first time I’ve actually gotten into an honest to god routine with getting exercise.

    Best of luck to you. (By the way, another great thing to have while working out is the Nike+ system for the iPod nano. It’s a fun way to keep track of your runs and challenging other people.

  2. Steve Gerber Says:

    I’m about 5’11”.

    The transplant surgeon wanted me to lose 15 pounds. He said it would make his job — operating, then pulling me through the surgery — a lot easier.

    For reasons of health, comfort, and vanity, I wanted to get back to a weight at which I feel good and look…well, somewhat less revolting, anyway. That entails a weight loss of about 30 pounds.

    Unfortunately, my workout these days generally consists of breathing, or trying to. The lung problem precludes any kind of gym activity or even much walking. (My legs work adequately; I just get short of breath very quickly. I had to use one of those putt-putt carts to traverse a supermarket this evening.)