Sad Announcement

I am not Steve Gerber. I’m a friend of his named Mark Evanier.

Steve died yesterday at that hospital in Las Vegas. It was not a surprise but it was a shock…to all of us who knew him.

I posted a little piece over at my weblog that I hope says what some of us are feeling.

I don’t know how long Steve’s weblog will remain but it will be here long enough for you to all read Steve’s past postings…and do pay special attention to the love and respect shown by his many commenters. I’ll bet there will be some important words posted as comments to this message.

Somewhere among his writings here, you’ll find a message where Steve thanks his friends Mary Skrenes and Harris Miller for all that they did for him. All of us would like to thank Mary and Harris for helping keep the guy around as long as was humanly possible…and maybe even a little longer than that.

If there are any announcements about memorials, tributes, etc., I will attempt to post them here, but I will certainly post them over at my site, That is not a ploy to get you to visit my weblog. It just took me a while to figure out how to “break in” to Steve’s website (with permission from those close to him) to post this…and I’m not certain I can do it again.

And Steve…if you have a good Internet connection where you are and can read this, I just have to say: There are easier ways of getting out of having lunch with me.

101 Responses to “Sad Announcement”

  1. pete doree Says:

    At least, thanks to this site, Steve knew how much we all loved him.
    I’m going to spend the day reading the essential Howard.
    It seems the only sane thing to do.