Wednesday Afternoon

Yes, it’s Wednesday afternoon but I want to talk about last Tuesday evening.  That’s when a group of F.O.O.G. (Friend of Ol’ Gerber) gathered together at a Burbank restaurant to toast their departed pal and swap stories about him.  Here’s a list of who all was there and I think it’s complete but I’ve been wrong before: Buzz and Soon-Ok Dixon, Gordon and Donna Kent, Alan Brennert, Marv Wolfman, Frank Miller, Flint Dille, Nat Gertler, Kayte Kuch, Tim Eldred, Sheryl Scarborough, Taylor Grant, Stacy Belanger, Rick Merwin, Harris Miller, Len Wein, Paul Dini, Jack Enyart, Floyd Norman, Meg McLaughlin, Roger Slifer, Jerry Eisenberg and Yours Truly.  Many others sent regrets.

Not much I can say about it other than a great time was had in spite of the reason for the gathering, and I think it brought a little sense of closure to some of us.  One hopes some of the anecdotes that were told will find their way to the Comments sections of this blog, hint hint.

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